Blood bank 8K


Compact, refrigerated floor standing centrifuge for blood banks


The Sigma 8K is the successor model of the Sigma 8K10 and in its current design in the market since 2006. The centrifuge has proven performance in blood bag centrifugation in many blood banks around the world. The users highly appreciate the excellent sedimentation results, which are enabled by an optimized drive system, ensuring low vibrations in particular during the critical slow-down phase. Furthermore quiet operation, fast cooling as well as comfortable handling and loading of the blood bag adapters are attested.

Performance characteristics

+ Compact refrigerated floor standing centrifuge for use in blood banks
+ Capacity up to 12 blood bags in swing-out rotor
+ Solid construction, suitable for continous use
+ Maintenance-free drive, high imbalance tolerance up to approx. 80 g
+ Speed range 100 - 10.500 rpm
+ Automatic rotor identification prevents spinning rotors overspeed
+ Efficient refrigeration; temperature adjustable between -20 °C and +40 °C, standstill cooling, with refrigerant R404a
+ Stainless steel chamber
+ The lid is hinged on the left hand side
+ Easy open the centrifuge lid via pneumatic springs
+ Two motorized lid locks provide safe, assured lid-locking
+ Power failure, emergency lid opening
+ Ergonomic loading height of just 88 cm
+ The user friendly control unit is integrated in the front panel
+ Centrifuge fits through a door opening of only 82 cm
+ The centrifuge stands on movable castors an adjustable feet to even out the floor
+ Easily serviceable
+ All international standards are met, e.g. IEC 1010, CE, WEEE