Universal table top centrifuge

Performance characteristics

+ Universal table top centrifuge;
speed range up to 13.500rpm
+ Control unit Spincontrol Comfort or Professional
+ Various angle and swing-out rotors available
+ Lid can easily be opened due pneumatic swing support
+ Maximum capacity of 4 x 800 ml down to microtubes with different adapters in the same bucket
+ Maintenance-free induction drive motor;
A Microcontroller controls speed, time, temperature and gravitational field
+ Motorized lid lock
+ Suitable for low speeds e.g. for cell sedimentation, accuracy +/- 1 rpm
+ Magnetic rotor identification prevents the rotor from overspeeding
+ Stainless steel bowl
+ Imbalance switch
+ No need to open the casing for emergency lid lock release
+ Produced according to national and international safety regulations (e.g. EN 61010-2-020)