SIGMA 2-7 Benchtop Centrifuge

Performance characteristics

+ Innovative LED running indicator, readily visible at a distance
+ Clearly organised display, large buttons
+ Acoustic signal for button press and end of run
+ Motorised lid lock for easy, effortless operation
+ Low noise level – 55 dB(A) at maximum speed
+ Corrosion-resistant, easily cleaned stainless steel drum
+ Low height for easy loading and unloading
+ Automatic method for gel tubes
+ Settings can be modified while running
+ Ten program memory slots
+ Low temperature rise in continuous operation
+ Zero-maintenance motor
+ Two acceleration and braking curves: soft and fast
+ Easy rotor exchange
+ Compact device; fits on every lab bench
+ Imbalance monitoring and shutdown
+ Overspeed monitoring
+ Window in lid for independent speed measurement
+ Manufactured in compliance with EN 61010-2-020
+ RoHS conform