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Series 25


cleaning, disinfecting and drying machine

Performance characteristics

+ High quality professional concept and design
+ Suitable for long glassware / washing goods
+ Available with or without incorporated Drying unit
+ Racks for direct nozzle injection
+ Racks for indirect spraying through the rotating washing wing of a rack from the bottom
+ Washing temperature up to 93°C
+ Drying temperature up to 110 °C
+ Special washing chamber heights possible from +150 mm to +250 mm
+ Optional execution in customized stainless steel quality available


  chamber dimensions in mm
Width 667
Depth 635
Height 725


Execution options:

  • Double door washer with swivelling hatch doors
  • Double door washer with vertical sliding doors
  • Single door washer with swivelling hatch door
  • Single door washer with vertical sliding door

The capacity of the Cleaning-, Disinfection- and Drying machine Series 25 can be increased with a separate dedicated hot air Drying cabinet.