up to 2kg


Freeze dryer ALPHA 1- 2 LD plus


Total ice capacity 2,5 kg,
Ice condenser temperature –55°C.

Small but big in performance. For routine applications with new user friendly unit control "LYO Display LDplus":

Performance characteristics

+ Graphic LC display with a clear layout showing the most important process data (ice condenser temperature, process time, section time and vacuum)
+ Comfortable and self-explaining menu guidance in German, English or French language
+ Vacuum control for optimization/reduction of process times (electromagnetic pressure control valve available as accessory)
+ Conversion of product temperature and vacuum according to the vapour pressure curve above ice
+ RS-232 communications interface (PC) available as an option, e.g. for process documentation software LyoLog LL-1


Suitable for drying in 8 round bottom flaks, wide neck filter bottles, ampoules and on 3 unheated shelves (alternatively sealing device with 2 unheated shelves Ø 200 mm).