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The cryo-replicator with its 96 spring-loaded pins.


The cryo-replicator has 96 spring-loaded pins and allows the simultaneous sampling of 96 frozen glycerol stocks (-80°C) without thawing the remaining glycerol culture. Since the “mother-cultures” remain frozen, the viability (number of CFU’s sampled) is not affected by repeated sampling. Per sampling, less than 0.5 µl is removed from each stock culture so that one master plate can be used for several hundreds of times. The replicator has 45 mm long pins and can also be used for the purpose of transferring 96 colonies simultaneously into a deepwell plate containing liquid growth medium. 

Background info

The cryo-replicator press is a guiding system for the cryo-replicator and ensures an accurate vertical movement during the sampling of the frozen glycerol stocks or the transfer of 96 colonies into liquid medium.


Schematic representation of inoculation: